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Climate Equity & Mapping Platform (CAMP) adds data on extreme heat impacts to the Miami Affordability Project (MAP). Click here or on the images above to see MAP's latest updates


**Click here to visit the toolkit**

The Extreme Heat Toolkit highlights equitable approaches and policy recommendations to advance extreme heat mitigation. Click on this text see the Extreme Heat Toolkit.

Miami Housing Solutions Lab


The Miami Housing Solutions Lab is a suite of free resources and interactive online tools that uses big data and innovative mapping technology to visualize the landscape of housing affordability and climate impacts in Miami-Dade County.  This platform provides grassroots advocacy groups, planners, policymakers, affordable housing developers and the general public with information on local housing needs as well as strategies for promoting equitable, inclusive and resilient community development. 

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The Miami Affordability Project (MAP) is a free, interactive, online mapping tool that visualizes neighborhood level housing dynamics to guide data-driven strategies for affordable housing, equitable community development, and urban resilience.  
The Land Access for Neighborhood Development (LAND) is a free, interactive, online mapping tool that visualizes the distribution of local institutional and government-owned vacant land as well as underused properties. 

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The Miami Housing Solutions Lab toolkits outline innovative policies, programs, and strategies to promote inclusive, data-driven, and effective approaches to addressing affordable housing, climate resilience, and extreme heat. 

The Housing Policy Timeline highlights major milestones in housing policy, racialized planning practices and finance at the local, state, and national levels.  

The Resource Hub provides topic-specific information briefs that take a deeper dive into our research focus areas of affordable housing and urban resilience.

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